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Jia Juanli

Born: 1960
Hometown: China
Lives and Works: France

Jia Juan Li (B. 1960 Hangzhou, China) is one of the most outstanding female artists of her generation.

After she graduates from the Institute of Fine Arts in Sichuan, she becomes a teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Guizhou. Later, she is admitted to the highly selective department of Creation and Research of the Fine Arts Institute in Beijing, where in 1991 she graduates with a First Class Honour.

At the invitation of the French government, she travels to France in 1996. Since then she has been living in Paris. Her work has been exhibited at many prestigious events and in renowned galleries which are present on the international art market. Numerous public and private collections worldwide include her paintings. In her strikingly delicate work she pursues the adventure of a certain Chinese tradition, but she has her own outlook, which is the characteristics of oil painting. This matured synthesis gives strength to her intensively beautiful images.

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