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Low Puay Hua
  -  Low Puay Hua

Low Puay Hua

Born: 1945
Hometown: Singapore
Lives and Works: Singapore

Low Puay Hua’s enduring art career spans an overwhelming 4 decades. It is distinguished by an elective range of interests in diverse directions: in landscape painting which fortifies his discipline, in streetscape painting which enhances his understanding of local ethos, in contemporary Chinese ink painting which in the revitalization of a centuries-old tradition, in abstract art for its potential in artistic innovation.

He also loves to travel and has visited parts of South-East Asia, Far East and Europe. To him, travels offer precious opportunities to accumulate visual experiences and insights which strengthen his artistic endeavours: sketching and painting on location to sharpen direct responses to diverse atmospheric lights, the interaction with the fascinating, often exotic, cultural intricacies.

It’s through his art that he finds order, focus and clarity in expressing himself.

Click here to see his works

Click here to see his artworks.